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Registration Open for Inaugural Season of Miracle League of Central Mississippi Baseball

Ridgeland Recreation & Parks, in partnership with the Miracle League of Central Mississippi, is currently taking registrations for the inaugural season of Miracle League baseball in Ridgeland. The league is designed for anyone who has developmental and/or physical challenges that prevent them from playing in a mainstream league. A Miracle League Field will be in use for the games. Volunteer buddies will assist the players as needed.

The Miracle League is designed to give individuals with limited abilities the opportunity to play baseball in a safe, inclusive and welcome environment. The league can accommodate all players by using adaptive equipment, such as a tee for hitting the baseball and volunteer buddies for swinging the bat. 

The Miracle League Field is built using specialized rubber that is latex free, completely flat, and has no barriers; it allows easy access for wheelchairs, canes, walkers, crutches, and prosthetic limbs. Children, youth and adults with disabilities will benefit from playing on the Miracle League Field. The field is located at Wolcott Park, 349 McClellan Drive in Ridgeland.

The complex includes dugouts that provide extra space for equipment as well as protective shade. Accessible parking and restroom facilities are also available.

Volunteers are needed and welcome to serve as buddies for players during games. Buddy training will be provided. Please contact the Ridgeland Recreation and Parks office if you would like volunteer information.

Registration for players will begin March 12 and continue through April 5. The fee to participate is $25 which includes a player jersey and cap. Registration forms are available for pickup at Ridgeland City Hall and for download at,, and

For more information, please call the City of Ridgeland Recreation & Parks office at 601-853-2011. For the latest updates about Miracle League of Central Mississippi, visit and

News Release PDF – Inaugural Miracle League Registration Open

Ridgeland Life Spring 2018

Ridgeland Life Spring 2018

Spring in Ridgeland means KidFest!, Ridgeland Fine Arts Festival, Easter Egg Hunts, Bike Rides and enjoying all the outdoor events and activities that Ridgeland offers. Get the details here and also get caught up on city news, chamber happenings, library programs and school news.


Ridgeland Recognized for Banning Use of Electronic Smoking Devices in Workplaces and Public Places

The City of Ridgeland was recognized recently by the Mississippi Tobacco Free Coalition of Madison, Yazoo and Holmes Counties for adopting an amendment to the Ordinance Eliminating Smoking in all Workplaces and Public Places, banning electronic smoking devices. Pictured from left, Rhonda Shirley, Mayor Gene McGee, C. Rochelle Culp, and Officer Scott Young.

American Heart Month

February is recognized as American Heart Month. Mayor McGee signed a proclamation urging all citizens to recognize the critical importance of recognizing symptoms, taking preventive measures to live healthy, and incorporating tools and skills that will increase survival rates and save thousands of lives each year. Pictured with Mayor McGee are representatives of the Metro Jackson American Heart Association and Go Red for Women Cause, from left, Christy Bridges, Ann Barnes, and Barbara Dorr.

Healthy Hometown Challenge

A new commercial will be aired soon promoting a challenge by the Ridgeland Healthy Hometown Committee. All restaurants and convenience food stores in Ridgeland are challenged to offer healthy menu and food options. Committee member, Dr. Timothy Quinn, left, and Mayor McGee, right, were filmed at The Club on Lake Harbour and at The Mediterranean Grill, a restaurant that has met the challenge. We thank Dr. Quinn for the opportunity to air this commercial. For more information about the committee and the challenge, call the Mayor’s office at 601-856-7113. View the commercial here>>

Road Projects in Ridgeland, Starting First Quarter 2018

Major street improvements will be starting soon in Ridgeland. Several streets will receive pavement repairs, followed by resurfacing. Some streets will require curb and driveway work before the pavement work can begin. With all upcoming road projects this spring, one lane will be kept open at all times to keep traffic moving. Different entities are managing the various projects. Dates and project durations are estimated as the timing for projects can be affected by the weather. The City of Ridgeland is seeking to inform you of all of the road projects so that you can be aware and plan your travel routes during the work periods.

Sunnybrook Road

This is a Madison County project to repair and resurface the roadway from Jackson Street to just south of Madison Avenue. The project will likely take 7-10 days to complete. One lane will be closed at a time for repair between the hours of 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. daily. All lanes will be reopened to traffic at the end of each work day, 4 p.m. Flaggers will be present to direct traffic flow in the single lane open for traffic.
Anticipated start date:  Wednesday, February 21.

West Jackson Street

West Jackson Street will be resurfaced by MDOT from Highway 51 to Sunnybrook Road. Concrete work will include adding ADA curb ramps for sidewalks and repairing curb sections. Pavement work will follow. One lane will be closed at a time, allowing two lanes to be open for travel. Follow the traffic signs to travel safely through the work zone. Through lanes will be shifted to the center lane while repairs are being made in the outside lanes. It will take until the end of March for this project to be completed.
Anticipated start date:  Feb. 20 – 23.

County Line Road

This project will resurface County Line Road from Ridgewood Road to Wheatley Street. Follow the traffic signs to travel safely through the work zone. Lane shifts and lane closures will be present while repairs are being made. Traffic will be shifted to the inside lanes while outside lanes are being resurfaced. Once outside lanes are complete, traffic will be shifted to those lanes while the inside lanes are closed for resurfacing. It is anticipated that roadwork will be completed by the end of May.
Anticipated start date:  first week of March.

Northpark Drive

Northpark Drive will be resurfaced from Pear Orchard Road to Lake Harbour Drive. One lane will be closed at a time for repair between the hours of 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. daily. All lanes will be reopened to traffic at the end of each work day, 4 p.m. Flagmen will be present to direct traffic flow in the single lane open for traffic. It will take approximately two weeks to complete the roadwork.
Anticipated start date:  first week of March.

East Lake Harbour Drive
Concrete work including curbs and driveways will be repaired first, followed by pavement repairs, then resurfacing. This will affect Lake Harbour Drive from Northpark Drive to Breakers Lane. Follow the traffic signs to travel safely through the work zone. Lane shifts and lane closures will be present while repairs are being made. We anticipate this project being completed in July.
Anticipated start date:  March 5.

Please note that dates and project durations are approximate and subject to change.

Please be careful driving in these areas and expect slower travel times. Plan accordingly and seek alternate routes where possible.

If you have any questions about the projects, you may call the Public Works Department at 601-853-2027. Since the City of Ridgeland is not managing all of the projects taking place in Ridgeland, we may not have all the answers but we will do our best to get the correct information for you!


Tree Giveaway

Sponsored by the Madison County Soil and Water Conservation District, Tree Planting Week is an annual event that includes tree giveaways and sales at various locations around Madison County. On Friday, February 9, District representatives will be conducting a tree giveaway and sale at Ridgeland City Hall from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Come by and get some free tree seedlings and purchase flowering tree bundles. Details >>

Gene McGee Appointed to Serve on National League of Cities’ Public Safety and Crime Prevention Committee

Gene McGee, Mayor, Ridgeland, Mississippi, has been appointed to the National League of Cities (NLC) 2018 Public Safety and Crime Prevention (PSCP) federal advocacy committee. This committee has the lead responsibility for developing NLC’s federal policy positions on issues involving crime prevention, corrections, substance abuse, municipal fire policy, juvenile justice, disaster preparedness and relief, homeland security, domestic terrorism, court systems and gun control. The appointment was announced by NLC President Mark Stodola, mayor of Little Rock, Arkansas.

As a committee member, McGee will play a key role in shaping NLC’s policy positions and advocate on behalf of America’s cities and towns before Congress, with the administration and at home.

“Serving on an NLC committee is one of the most effective ways for a local official to advocate for their community in Washington,” said NLC President Stodola. “I am thrilled to have Gene McGee join a team of local leaders from around the country working to craft our policy platform and to solve the most pressing challenges facing our communities.”

The leadership of this year’s committee will consist of Chair Sean Polster, councilmember, Warrenton, Virginia; and Vice Chairs Stephanie Gordon, councilmember, East Point, Georgia; and Harry Brown, mayor, Stephens, Arkansas.

For more information on NLC’s federal advocacy committees, visit:

View the 2018 PSCP Roster

PSCP – Press Release


Ridgeland Fire Department Provided Assistance to the Salvation Army Toy Shop

Ridgeland Firefighters John Mitchell (left) and Shaun Moody assembled bikes and provided other assistance for the Salvation Army Toy Shop held in Ridgeland this year.

The Salvation Army Toy Shop was held in Ridgeland this year at 6510 Old Canton Road. Since Dec. 2, Ridgeland Firefighters spent many hours assisting in the shop.  They assembled bikes, moved bikes, packed bags, unloaded trucks, and for three days directed cars into the distribution area.  With 200 senior angels and 2000 children angels being served, there was a lot of work to do.

“The Ridgeland Firefighters provided a tremendous service,” said Becky Tilton, Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary Volunteer Coordinator. “I cannot tell you how impressed we all were with their professionalism, good nature, and willingness to do whatever task was asked of them. Thank you so very much for your support.”

Ridgeland Firefighter Andrew Shelby provided assistance to the Salvation Army Toy Shop.

Ridgeland Firefighter Mark Greenwood is shown assembling bikes for the Salvation Army Toy Shop.

Many children and seniors will have a merry Christmas thanks to the volunteer hours of the Salvation Army Women’s Auxiliary, the Ridgeland Fire Department, and all the individuals, businesses and large corporations that adopted angels, purchasing toys and wish list items. The Ridgeland Fire Department was glad to be a part of it. 


Healthy Hometown Committee Forming

The City of Ridgeland is forming a Healthy Hometown Committee to enhance healthy living in our community. Ridgeland earned the Healthiest Hometown Award in 2013 and was awarded $50,000 by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Mississippi Foundation. With those funds, the City was able to purchase multiple pieces of outdoor exercise equipment and enhance public fitness facilities at several locations in Ridgeland.

We want to win this award again and do some exciting things for citizens with the funds, and we want to have an ongoing effort of a working committee that seeks to keep healthy living a focus in Ridgeland. We will be working on the award application duing January and February. After the application is submitted, the committee will have an ongoing commitment to meet regularly. Committee members will be publicly recognized for their participation, and it will be a rewarding experience of investing in the current and future health of your community.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity to serve your community, you may contact Mayor McGee at 601-856-7113 or