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Diver training conducted


Ridgeland firefighters and dive team members Willie “Pop” Jackson (left) and Kevin Wisnoski assist a trainee with his dive helmet and breathing apparatus.

Diver training for the Ridgeland Fire Department Dive Team occurred November 28-30, 2016. This 30-hour class, “Helmet Operations,” was designed by the Ridgeland Fire Department to specifically meet the needs of public safety divers. The class involved classroom, pool work and open water work, and it encompassed diver training and surface support training to ensure continuous air supply to divers. The class utilized Kirby Morgan dive helmets which provide the Ridgeland Dive Team with superior head protection while diving under piers and other hazardous areas. The helmets also provide excellent protection while diving in contaminated waters. This training led by Ridgeland Dive Team Leader Steve Wilson will qualify Ridgeland divers to stay underwater for longer periods of time while being better protected.

Gene McGee re-elected to the Mississippi Municipal Liability Plan Board

Gene McGee, mayor, of the City of Ridgeland, Mississippi, was re-elected to his 10th term as chairman of the Mississippi Municipal Liability Plan. McGee has served on the board of directors since 1998.

Steven D. Smith, president of the organization, recently commented, “We wish to congratulate Mayor McGee on his recent re-election. Mayor McGee’s service and leadership to the Mississippi Municipal Liability Plan continues to be of great benefit for our organization and to the member municipalities throughout the great State of Mississippi.”

The Mississippi Municipal Liability Plan is a self-insurance pool that provides comprehensive coverage and competitive rates for a wide array of municipal liability exposures including auto liability, general liability, public official liability and law enforcement liability.

The Mississippi Municipal Liability Plan is an arm of the Mississippi Municipal Service Company (MSMSC) that works to meet Mississippi’s municipal liability and workers’ compensation needs with the most comprehensive coverage at affordable rates. For over 27 years, members of the MSMSC have pooled their resources to better protect municipalities and other governmental entities throughout Mississippi.

“The board’s efforts result in saving tax money for citizens through the maintenance of low rates in liability insurance for municipalities,” remarked McGee. “I greatly appreciate the re-election by my peers and am honored with the privilege to continue to serve municipalities of the State of Mississippi through this very effective organization.”



The Natchez Trace String Band to Perform at the Parkway Information Cabin

The Natchez Trace Parkway invites visitors to enjoy the talents and sounds of local musicians at the Parkway Information Cabin on Saturday, December 17, 2016 from 9:30 am to 11:30 am. The Natchez Trace String Band, a small group of local acoustic musicians, will fill the cabin with the sounds of traditional folk, country, and bluegrass music. Visitors are welcome to stop by for a few minutes, or bring a chair and stay awhile.

This program is free of charge. The Parkway Information Cabin (milepost 102.4) is located approximately one mile north of I-55 at exit 105A, or just east of the intersection of Rice Road and Highway 51. For additional information, call (601) 856-7321.

About the National Park Service. More than 20,000 National Park Service employees care for America’s 413 national parks and work with communities across the nation to help preserve local history and create close-to-home recreational opportunities. Learn more at

Seasonal Safety Tips from the Ridgeland Police Department

by John R. Neal, Chief of Police

The holiday season is one of happiness, joy and fellowship. During the upcoming weeks, the City of Ridgeland will have an increased amount of traffic with holiday shoppers searching for that perfect gift in our retail shopping areas. While the officers of the Ridgeland Police Department strive to maintain high visibility year round, the holiday season brings heightened awareness from our officers as our shopping numbers increase. As you travel about during the season, I am offering several safety tips which I hope you remember as you are out and about. 

Keep purchases and valuables out of view in your vehicle this holiday season.

Keep purchases and valuables out of view in your vehicle this holiday season.

  • Remember to park in a well-lit area and where other shoppers are present.
  • If possible, shop with a group of friends or family.
  • Do not keep all your cash in one location while you are shopping.
  • Record all credit/debit card numbers in a safe location and track your spending.
  • Never leave a purse unattended in a shopping cart.
  • While walking in a parking lot, keep your keys in your hand.
  • If you are approached by a stranger, press your panic alarm on your key fob to alert others.
  • Keep purchases and valuables out of view in your vehicle. This includes purses, cellphones, and packages.
  • Remain attentive to your surroundings and call 911 with any suspicious activity.

If you will be traveling during the holiday season, the Ridgeland Police Department offers a House Watch Program where we will provide frequent patrols and checks of your residence while you are out of town. Residents are asked to contact RPD Communications Division at 601-856-2121 and request their residence be placed on the House Watch list for extra patrol. In addition, residents can also do some things to protect their property while they are away such as:

  • Stop/suspend all mail and newspaper deliveries.
  • Have a neighbor use your driveway for parking during your absence.
  • Remove your garage door opener from vehicles left at home.
  • Make sure gates to the rear of the house are secured and locked.
  • Set timers for interior/exterior lights, if available.
  • Do not leave garbage containers by the street.
  • Be aware of social media activity/posting and ‘advertising’ you are out of town.
  • Leave your blinds and shades in their normal position.

The Ridgeland Police Department Criminal Investigations Division has been promoting a service offered through LeadsOnLine which will provide a service to our residents for documenting their valuable property. This FREE service, ReportIt, allows residents to document their valuable property on a secure hosted site by listing a description of the property, individual serial numbers/owner applied numbers, value of the property, and uploading photos of their property. This is an online inventory of a homeowner’s valuable property. If any resident is interested in learning more about this service or need assistance in establishing an account, they are encouraged to contact our Investigations Division at 601-856-5210 and an investigator will be happy to assist you. Residents can obtain more information on this service at

I wish each and every one of you a safe and happy holiday season. As you enjoy spending time with your family and friends, please remember the men and women of this department as we go about our duties and responsibilities to protect our community.

Ridgeland Life Winter 2016/2017

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Review of roundabout driving rules offered by Ridgeland officials

Ridgeland officials wish to advise residents and visitors to be especially careful while driving the multi-lane roundabout during the busy holiday shopping season. A multi-lane roundabout is located at the intersection of Old Agency Road and Highland Colony Parkway in Ridgeland. This area is regularly travelled by visitors who may or may not be familiar with how to drive a roundabout. Being reminded of the rules of driving a multi-lane roundabout will help prevent accidents, officials say.

Roundabouts are known for keeping vehicles moving faster through an intersection than a traditional stop and go intersection. The roundabout brings motorists who take the Old Agency exit off I-55 onto the commercial corridor of Highland Colony Parkway. It is anticipated that this commercial corridor will see higher traffic counts from now until Christmas as shoppers and diners visit the Renaissance at Colony Park, the Township at Colony Park and other retail and business centers off Highland Colony Parkway in Ridgeland.

The City of Ridgeland coordinates with the Mississippi Department of Transportation to install the most effective signage and road markings to guide motorists who are entering, driving, and leaving the roundabout. Please follow the signs and remember the following guidelines:

  1. Choose the correct lane before entering the roundabout. Never change lanes within the roundabout, just like you would never change lanes within an intersection.
  2. Drivers wishing to turn left must use the left or inside lane, so choose the left lane before entering the roundabout. As with a traditional intersection, you may not turn right from a left lane.
  3. Drivers in the right lane of the roundabout must not turn left or change lanes; they must exit the roundabout with a right turn off the roundabout.
  4. Drivers wishing to travel straight through the intersection may choose either the left or right lane as the roundabout signage indicates.
  5. Drivers entering the roundabout must yield to all drivers who are already traveling in the roundabout.

Follow the rules of driving a multi-lane roundabout to stay safe and prevent accidents. Ridgeland officials also recommend that motorists view an informative video available from the Mississippi Department of Transportation:

The multi-lane roundabout in Ridgeland, Mississippi is located at the intersection of Old Agency Road and Highland Colony Parkway. Interstate 55 and the Old Agency exit is to the east of this image. Renaissance at Colony Park is located in the northeast corner. St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is located in the northwest corner, and the Natchez Trace Parkway is directly south of the roundabout.

The multi-lane roundabout in Ridgeland, Mississippi is located at the intersection of Old Agency Road and Highland Colony Parkway. Interstate 55 and the Old Agency exit is to the east of this image. Renaissance at Colony Park is located in the northeast corner. St. Andrew’s Episcopal School is located in the northwest corner, and the Natchez Trace Parkway is directly south of the roundabout.

November Proclaimed American Music Month

Download proclamation for American Music Month. This month is observed by the National Federation of Music Clubs through a parade of American music. Members of the Canton Music Club, the Mississippi Federation of Music and Junior Clubs reside in Ridgeland and throughout Madison County.

National Hospice and Palliative Care Month Proclamation

2016-nationalhospicemonth_logoMayor McGee signed a proclamation for National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, November 2016, encouraging citizens to increase their understanding and awareness of care at the end of life and to observe this month with appropriate activities and programs. Download the proclamation.