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The City of Ridgeland seeks to offer excellent customer service as conveniently as possible through online city services.  Be sure to check back for additional online services as we enhance our options.

Utility Billing

Access your account and pay your utility bills through a third party website. Utilities provided by the City of Ridgeland include water, sewer, garbage and recycling.

Action Center 

Submit requests for action by the City of Ridgeland for code enforcement, animal control, roadway concerns, street light maintenance and more. You will directed to a third party website that provides online services.

You will need your login information for the following links to the Action Center. If you need to register, click here for Membership Registration.

Ridgeland Municipal Court

If you have received a traffic ticket in the City of Ridgeland or have fines due to misdemeanor charges, you may pay online through a third party website.  Search violations by citation number, driver’s license number, social security number or your name.

Recycling Rewards

Get rewarded for recycling in Ridgeland with Recyclebank. Every time you recycle, you earn points that are redeemable for discounts at local and national retailers, magazine subscriptions, movie tickets and much more. Click the link to register to receive recycling rewards or to check or redeem points. You may also earn more points through Recyclebank’s online education.

Ridgeland Alert

Sign up here to be in the know with calls, texts and emails about important time-sensitive information such as road closures, water line breaks, traffic concerns, and special events. Be sure to submit your cell phone number for texts and calls and your email address for emails. If you would rather not be contacted on your home phone with Ridgeland Alert messages, you can remove yourself from the call list, by completing the Ridgeland Alert Opt Out Form.

Government Auctions

The City of Ridgeland puts many types of items up for auction on GovDeals including vehicles, mowers, tools, and electronics. To see what is up for auction and participate in auctions, click the link above.

Accident Report

You may obtain a copy of an accident report through the link above.