Alternate Travel Routes Save Time During the Holidays

When traffic gets heavy near shopping areas in Ridgeland during the holiday season, you may want to try some alternate routes to get to your destinations.  Try these tips below as suggested by the Ridgeland Police Chief Randy Tyler.  


To Northpark Mall from I-55/County Line Road

If you are entering the City of Ridgeland via the I-55/County Line Road Exit heading to Northpark Mall, please continue east on County Line Road past Wheatley Street.  Enter Northpark Mall at the entrance near The Everyday Gourmet, or better yet, continue east to Pear Orchard Road. There you can take a left at the County Line/Pear Orchard Intersection and continue down to the next traffic light at Pear Orchard Road and Northpark Drive. At that intersection you can take a left into Northpark Mall and miss the traffic congestion on Wheatley St. With these routes you can still visit all of the retailers along County Line Road but miss the grid-lock of everyone trying to go the same way.


To Northpark Mall from Highway 51

Another route would be to utilize Hwy 51 to Lake Harbor Drive. All of the construction on Lake Harbour Drive has been completed and there are now no delays. Shoppers can take Lake Harbour east to Wheatley Street and turn right, if you are going to Wal-Mart.  If your destination is Northpark Mall,  continue east down Lake Harbour to Pear Orchard Road and take a right on Pear Orchard. Continue south to Northpark Drive and take another right into Northpark Mall.  Lake Harbour Drive also has many retailers and restaurants along the way if you continue east to Old Canton Rd.


To Renaissance and the Township from I-55 

If heading out to the Renaissance and the Township on Highland Colony Parkway via I-55, remember this:  If you exit off of north bound I-55 to Old Agency Road at Exit 105-B, you will have to cross over Old Agency Road to the East Frontage Road then travel to Steed Road and take a left to get to Highland Colony Parkway. You cannot take a left onto Old Agency Rd from that exit. The suggested route is a little longer, but during times of heavy traffic, it brings you in the back way and you miss the traffic congestion on Old Agency Road.  If you are coming in on I-55 north bound and want to exit on to Old Agency Road to get to the Renaissance and Highland Colony Parkway, be sure and exit at 105-C.  You will loop back around over the interstate to Old Agency Road and go to the Parkway.  If heading south bound on I-55, just take Exit 105-B and you can merge directly onto Old Agency Rd and turn onto Highland Colony Parkway for shopping at the Renaissance and the Township.


These alternate routes should keep you from spending valuable shopping time sitting in your car in traffic.