City of Ridgeland Files Annexation

City of Ridgeland Files Annexation

The City of Ridgeland has filed to annex approximately 3128 acres to the west of its current city limit. By annexing this area the City hopes to protect its borders, preserve the path of growth for future development, and provide adequate zoning.The City has had the long-range goal of annexing this area since the 2008 Master Plan was debuted.


“The area of the proposed annexation has been in Ridgeland’s long range planning for over a decade because it is within Ridgeland’s only available growth path,” said Alan Hart, Director of Community Development for the City of Ridgeland. “Ridgeland is bordered to the south by Jackson, the north by Madison, and the east by the Reservoir.  The current proposed annexation follows other annexations that date back to 2016, 2014, and two in 2006.”


The City hopes that by annexing this area they can develop a light industrial area, which would bring more jobs to the City within the next 20 years. The Community Development Department currently interacts with five to six businesses a month seeking information for their industrial business to move to Ridgeland.


“It’s imperative that Ridgeland continues to protect its borders and preserve the path of growth for future development,” said Hart. “Ultimately, the landfills will close, and a portion of this area can thrive as a light industrial area home to thousands of jobs with the existence of nearby rail, electrical distribution, natural gas, Highway 49, and Interstate 220.


This area is also prime for continued residential development and preservation of natural areas and buffers. The current and future residents in the annexation area will be able to enjoy the services that the City currently provides to its residents. These services include water service, fire service, garbage and recycling collection, code enforcement, police service, and animal control. Ridgeland’s Public Works department will maintain and fix the roads in this area. These residents should also be able to enjoy lower home insurance rates due to the City’s Fire Rating being a four.


As Mayor of the City of Ridgeland, I am continually committed to providing quality services that will enhance the quality of life to all our citizens,” said Mayor Gene McGee. “We look forward to offering these same services, such as police, fire, road maintenance, animal control, quality water, as well as garbage and recycle pick-up to the annexed area.  I would expect that property values will increase over time as a result of the annexation.”