Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for Lake Harbour Drive Extension Project

Photo credit: Elwin Williams. Groundbreaking Ceremony held at Ridgeland City Hall for the Extension of Lake Harbour Drive from Hwy 51 to Highland Colony Pkwy. Pictured l-r: Ridgeland City Engineer Chris Bryson, Alderman Ken Heard, Alderman Kevin Holder, Alderman Scott Jones, Alderman Chuck Gautier, Mayor Gene McGee, Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall, Alderman-at-large D.I. Smith, Madison County Chancery Clerk Ronny Lott, Ridgeland Public Works Director Mike McCollum, Central Mississippi Planning and Development District Director of Planning and Management Chuck Carr, and Waggoner Engineering Vice President of Operations Hunter Arnold.

The City of Ridgeland hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for the Lake Harbour Drive Extension Project on April 13. A new four-lane divided roadway will be constructed, extending Lake Harbour Drive from Highway 51 to Highland Colony Parkway.

A total distance of approximately 0.8 miles of roadway will be built. The project includes the extension of the existing multiuse trail alongside Lake Harbour Drive. The new roadway will cross the railroad at-grade, follow the southern border of Freedom Ridge Park, cross Interstate 55 with a bridge, and connect with Newpointe Drive, south of Church of the Highlands.

Mayor Gene McGee said, “The extension of Lake Harbour Drive from Highway 51 will provide a critical east-west corridor that will greatly enhance transportation in Ridgeland. This roadway is very important for the reduction of traffic in the Jackson Street area. It will also extend the multiuse trail system. After completion, motorists will be able to travel from Highland Colony Parkway all the way into Rankin County.”

Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall and Mayor Gene McGee (l-r) show the project overview map for the Lake Harbour Drive Extension Project. The new roadway will be four-lane divided with a multiuse trail, taking Lake Harbour Drive from Highway 51 to Highland Colony Parkway in Ridgeland. This important east-west connector road for Ridgeland will enhance transportation for the greater metro area.

“We are pleased to partner with the City of Ridgeland on a project that will further connect this community and improve efficiency for residents in this area,” said Transportation Commissioner Dick Hall. “Helping local communities with these kinds of projects supports economic growth and development for the city and the state.”

The first phase of the project will be a box culvert replacement under the Canadian National Railway. The City of Ridgeland is advertising for construction bids. The project was designed by Waggoner Engineering.

The total project is estimated at $27 million with funding coming from federal, state, county, and local sources. Federal funds for the project in the amount of $14.8 million are appropriated through the Mississippi Department of Transportation.

Project overview map for Lake Harbour Drive Extension project. The new roadway will be 0.8 miles and include an at-grade railroad crossing and a bridge over Interstate 55.

For more information about the project, please contact the City of Ridgeland Public Works Department at 601-853-2027.