Ridgeland Fire Rating Earns Improved Classification

The City of Ridgeland has recently been advised of a new improved fire insurance classification from Fifth Class to Fourth Class. It is reflective of advances the city has taken in digital record-keeping, more inspections and education, improvements in water supply and an overall advancement in fire defenses. The new classification is effective from March 26, 2018 per a letter from the Mississippi State Rating Bureau received on April 2 by the Mayor’s office.

“We recommend that property owners in Ridgeland check with their insurance agent to determine the savings in their insurance rates,” stated Gene McGee, Mayor. “We believe that commercial property owners should definitely see a rate reduction, which means their cost of doing business should reduce.”

Ridgeland Fire Chief Matt Bailey said, “Our department is stronger in its record keeping over the last several years since we have been working with a system out of the State Fire Marshall’s office. We can track inspections, incident reporting and medical runs through the MS Fire Bridge system. It has helped to improve our digital record keeping.”

Bailey adds, “We are inspecting more often and providing more education when we conduct inspections. Our inspectors visit every commercial property annually and many are inspected biannually such as educational, childcare, and patient care facilities.”

The State Rating Bureau conducted a survey of the City of Ridgeland’s water supply and checked flows. According to Bailey, the City of Ridgeland Fire Department is consistently able to meet the 3500 gpm needed for fire protection of commercial property. This is evidence of high quality water infrastructure that is overseen by the City of Ridgeland Public Works Department.

The Bureau also checked fire department equipment, manpower and activities, conditions affecting operations, as well as local codes and their enforcement.

For any questions about the Ridgeland Fire Department and its operations, please call Central Fire Station at 601-856-8405.