Things We Love about Ridgeland

Recently, Mayor McGee had lunch with Chateau Ridgeland. The residents gave him this list about what they love about Ridgeland. We hope you love these things too!

  • The feeling of being safe not only in our building, but around the community
  • Our proximity to doctors, hospitals, and shopping
  • Feeling safe while walking in different areas around  the city and seeing our Police Department on constant  patrol  and the low crime rate
  • Friendliness of the people in the community, whether it is business owners, service people, or neighbors
  • We appreciate  the promptness of our First Responders and how nice they are when they help us
  • We appreciate  the promptness of our Mayor when he makes public announcements pertaining to the state of our city
  • We love all the different shopping avenues: The Mall, Renaissance, and other shopping areas
  • We appreciate  our Library and the activities they offer  and the new book-mobile
  • We love all the city-wide family activities  such as the Pepsi Pops, concerts at C-Spire, Friendship Park, but especially the Balloon Glow since we can sit outside on our front porch and watch it and the fireworks!
  • We love having banks close by, especially those that are able to come into our building when we are unable to get out
  • We think  our city is pretty, clean, and has a wonderful ambiance and a feeling of togetherness
  • We love all the restaurants!!
  • We appreciate  all efficiency  and promptness  of our city when problem  arise, such as road closures, pot holes, and other things when needed fixing
  • We just enjoy seeing how beautiful the scenery throughout the city, with  well-kept shrubs, beautiful crepe myrtles, and flowers  that are always maintained
  • We love having Freshway Market  close by so we can go to a local farmers’  market
  • It just makes me feel like I’m At Home!