Permits and Inspections

The Building Permits and Inspections Division is charged with reviewing construction drawing packages, performing periodic inspections, and issuing Certificates of Occupancy. Prior to the review of construction plans, commercial applicants must obtain approval by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen through the ARB process. Permitted plans are reviewed by the City’s Building Official to ensure that the project meets city codes.

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Some of the Building Inspectors’ duties include making sure that new buildings comply with the final construction plans approved by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen and reviewing for compliance with the current adopted version of the Building Code. The Department’s Building Inspectors also perform privilege license inspections on all new businesses that open or relocate to the City. Department staff inspects rental property before new renters take residence. Inspectors check apartments for compliance with city codes for the health and safety of the residents.

Documents and Resources

Property Maintenance Code [pdf]
Building Code [pdf]
Codes and Ordinances
Permit Applications
Rental License Portal (Coming Soon)

Inspection Criteria

2005 National Electric Code, 2015 Family of International Codes for Residential, Building, Mechanical, Fuel Gas, Plumbing, Fire, Energy Conservation and Property Maintenance and associated ordinances adopted by the City of Ridgeland. The two city ordinances that relate to inspection activities include the City of Ridgeland Property Maintenance Code and an ordinance to adopt various international codes and enforcement of building provisions.