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»Community Development


Name Title Phone
Inspection Manager 601.856.3877
Jordan Lohman City Planner 601.856.3877
Alan Hart Director 601.856.3877
Bryan Johnson Economic Development Director 601.856.3877
Karen Knight Zoning Administrator 601.856.3877
Robert Ray Code Enforcement Manager 601.856.3877
Joey Barnette Building Official-Commercial 601.856.3877
Drew Smith Building Official-Residential 601.856.3877
Tally Berry Building Inspector-Rental 601.856.3877
Leslie Thomas Permit Manager 601.856.3877
Ava Murphy Code Enforcement Officer 601.856.3877

»Elected Officials


Name Title Phone
Mayor Gene F. McGee Mayor 601.856.7113
DI Smith Alderman-at-Large 601.707.8845
Ken Heard Ward 1 601.201.7392
Chuck Gautier Ward 2 601.506.5913
Kevin Holder Ward 3, 601.238.5361
Brian Ramsey Ward 4 601.506.1979
Bill Lee Ward 5 601.278.6256
Wesley Hamlin Ward 6 Mayor Pro-Tempore 601.454.0353

»Finance and Administration


Name Title Phone
Ericka Brown Accounts Payable Coordinator 601.856.7113
Ashley Daniel Deputy Director of Finance 601.856.7113
Cindy Boatner Receptionist/Deputy Clerk 601.856.3938
Ina Byrd Deputy City Clerk Finance 601.856.7113
Joe Kirchner Information Systems Manager 601.856.7113
Clayton Lea Information Systems Assistant 601.856.7113
Mary Beth McCullouch Community Promotions Coordinator 601.856.7113
Paula Tierce Director and City Clerk 601.856.7113
Kim Traylor Purchasing Agent 601.856.7113
Gilda Carter Human Resources Assistant 601.856.7113
Paula Tierce Human Resources Manager 601.856.7113

»Fire Department


Name Title Phone
Matthew Bailey Fire Chief 601.856.8405
Stacey Johnson Administrative Assistant 601.856.8405
Kipp Eldridge Assistant Fire Chief B-Shift 601.856.7004
Troy Bergeron Assistant Fire Chief C-Shift 601.856.7004
James Stokes Inspector/Assistant Chief 601.856.3775
Todd Wilbourn Inspector 601.856.3775
Steve Wilson Assistant Fire Chief A-Shift 601.856.7004

»Mayor’s Office


Name Title Phone
Gene F. McGee Mayor 601.856.7113
Lisa Walters Executive Assistant to the Mayor 601.856.7113

»Police Department


Name Title Phone
Brian Myers Chief of Police 601.853.2014
Tony Willridge Assistant Chief of Police 601.856.2121
Michele Apuzzo-Wallace Court Clerk 601.853.2001
Commander of CID 601.853.5210
Eddy Addison Commander of Patrol Division 601.607.3610
Commander of Support Services 601.853.2021
Mike Raffield Communications Supervisor 601.853.2021

»Public Works


For after-hours emergencies, call 601.856.2121.

Name Title Phone
LeeAnn Keith Utility Billing Clerk 601.856.3938
Renee Buckner Administrative Assistant 601.853.2027
Cynthia James Drainage 601.853.2027
Barbara Lopez Utility Billing Manager 601.856.3938
Ben Mays Assistant Director 601.853.2027
Alan Hart Director 601.853.2027
Dexter Robinson Sr Traffic Signal Technician 601.853.2027
LuWanda Morris Executive Secretary 601.853.2027
Ronnie Tompkins Inspector/Cemetery Manager 601.853.2027
Chris Bryson City Engineer 601.853.2027

»Recreation and Parks


Name Title Phone
Neeley Jones Senior Adult Programs 601.856.6876
Wendy Bourdin Special Events Coordinator 601.853.2011
Rachel Collier Marketing/Sponsorships 601.853.2011
John Sidney North Director 601.853.2011
Lauren Chamblee Administrative Assistant 601.853.2011
Brent Watson Athletic Coordinator 601.853.2011
Steve Tillman Superintendent 601.853.2023


Alphabetical Listing:



Name Title Department Phone
Addison, Eddy Commander of Patrol Division Police Department 601.853.2021
Apuzzo-Wallace, Michele Court Clerk Police Department 601.853.2001


Name Title Department Phone
Bailey, Matthew Fire Chief Fire Department 601.856.8405
Barnette, Joey Building Inspector Community Development 601.856.3877
Bergeron, Troy Assistant Fire Chief C-Shift Fire Department 601.856.7004
Berry, Tally Building Inspector-Rental Community Development 601.856.3877
Boatner, Cindy Receptionist/Deputy Clerk Finance and Administration 601.856.3938
Bourdin, Wendy Special Events Coordinator Recreation and Parks 601.853.2011
Brown, Ericka Accounts Payable Coordinator Finance and Administration 601.856.7113
Buckner, Renee Administrative Assistant Public Works 601.853.2027
Bryson, Chris City Engineer Public Works 601.853.2027
Byrd, Ina Deputy Director of Finance & Information Systems Finance and Administration 601.856.7113


Name Title Department Phone
Carter, Gilda Human Resources Assistant Finance and Administration 601.856.7113
Collier, Rachel Administrative Assistant Recreation and Parks 601.853.2011


Name Title Department Phone
Daniel, Ashley Deputy Director of Finance Finance & Administration 601.856.7113


Name Title Department Phone
Eldridge, Kipp Assistant Fire Chief B-Shift Fire Department 601.856.7004


Name Title Department Phone


Name Title Department Phone
Gautier, Chuck Ward 2 Elected Official 601.506.5913


Name Title Department Phone
Hamlin, Wesley Ward 6 Elected Official 601.454.0353
Hart, Alan Director Public Works/Community Development 601.856.3877
Heard, Ken Ward 1 Elected Official 601.201.7392
Holder, Kevin Ward 3 Elected Official 601.856.1950


Name Title Department Phone



Name Title Department Phone
James, Cynthia Drainage Engineer Public Works 601.853.2027
Johnson, Bryan Economic Development Director Community Development 601.856.3877
Johnson, Stacey Administrative Assistant Fire Department 601.856.8405
Jones, Neeley Senior Adult Coordinator Recreation and Parks 601.856.6876


Name Title Department Phone
Keith, LeeAnn Utility Billing Clerk Public Works 601.856.3938
Knight, Karen Zoning Administrator Community Development 601.856.3877
Kirchner, Joe Information Systems Manager Finance and Administration 601.856.7113


Name Title Department Phone
Lea, Clayton Information Systems Assistant Finance and Administration 601.856.7113
Lopez, Barbara Utility Billing Manager Public Works 601.856.3938
Lohman, Jordan City Planner Community Development 601.856.3877


Name Title Department Phone
Mays, Ben Assisstant Director Public Works 601.853.2027
McCullouch, Mary Beth Community Relations Coordinator Finance and Administration 601.856.7113
McGee, Gene F. Mayor Mayor’s Office 601.856.7113
Morris, LuWanda Executive Secretary Public Works 601.853.2027
Myers, Brian Chief of Police Police Department 601.853.2014
Myrick, Georgia Code Enforcement Community Development 601.856.3877


Name Title Department Phone
North, John Sidney Director Recreation and Parks 601.853.2011


Name Title Department Phone


Name Title Department Phone


Name Title Department Phone


Name Title Department Phone
Raffield, Mike Communications Supervisor Police Department 601.853.2021
Ramsey, Brian Ward 4 Elected Official 601.506.1979
Ray, Robert Code Enforcement Manager Community Development 601.856.3877
Robinson, Dexter Sr Traffic Signal Technician Public Works 601.853.2027


Name Title Department Phone
Smith, Drew Building Official-Residential Community Development 601.856.3877
Smith, DI Alderman-at-Large Elected Official 601.707.8845
Stokes, James Inspector/Assistant Chief Fire Department 601.856.3775


Name Title Department Phone
Thomas, Leslie Permit Manager Community Development 601.856.3877
Tierce, Paula Human Resources Manager Finance and Administration 601.856.7113
Tillman, Steve Superintendent Recreation and Parks 601.853.2023
Tompkins, Ronnie Inspector/Cemetery Manager Public Works 601.853.2027
Traylor, Kim Purchasing Agent Finance and Administration 601.856.7113


Name Title Department Phone


Name Title Department Phone


Name Title Department Phone
Walters, Lisa Executive Assistant to the Mayor Mayor’s Office 601.856.7113
Watson, Brent Athletic Coordinator Recreation and Parks 601.853.2011
Wilson, Steve Assistant Fire Chief A-Shift Fire Department 601.856.7004
Willridge, Tony Assistant Chief of Police Police Department 601.853.7961


Name Title Department Phone


Name Title Department Phone


Name Title Department Phone


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