Our Community

Ridgeland is recognized in the South for its fine shopping and delicious dining. Community events, vibrant entertainment, and festival fun are part of the Ridgeland experience. An enthusiasm for art and culture, history and heritage, and fitness and sports is evident throughout Ridgeland. The high quality of life in Ridgeland comes from our energetic city government and our actively involved citizens. Together, we have created an attractive, healthy living environment of which we can all be proud. 

Nestled just north of the state’s capital city, the City of Ridgeland MS is a safe haven for individuals and families seeking convenient access to the vibrant economy and rich cultural tapestry of Mississippi’s largest metropolitan area. By and large, Ridgeland residents prosper in a community that offers the best of both worlds. A robust economy combines with a small-town way of life to make Ridgeland perfect for business and family.

In Ridgeland, you can enjoy a close-knit community and family-oriented neighborhoods. Sizable parks and plenty of recreational opportunities bring individuals and organized groups together outdoors for the benefit of their health and social interaction. Education is highly valued in Ridgeland where we boast Star-Rated schools within the Madison County School District as well as a community college and private schools.