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Public Safety for residents and visitors is of paramount importance to Ridgeland City Government.  The Ridgeland Police Department and the Ridgeland Fire Department exist to ensure public safety.  Both departments provide services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Police Protection

Police officers strive to protect all persons within the City of Ridgeland as well as working with all jurisdictions to prevent criminal actions and to bring justice to anyone committing criminal acts within Ridgeland.  Non-emergency services include house watch, neighborhood watch and crime prevention education, animal control services, and residential and community services through community police officers.

Fire and Medical Emergencies

Firefighters and EMTs respond to fires, rescue situations, emergency medical situations, and hazardous situations.  They provide numerous non-emergency services such as the fire code program, fire and life safety education, assistance with elderly and disabled persons, stand-by protection for community events, and more.

Safe roadways and water and sewer systems

The Public Works Department addresses safety issues pertaining to roadways, water, sewer, and waste management.

There is a roundabout located at the intersection of Highland Colony Parkway and Old Agency Parkway. Drivers must yield to traffic before entering the roundabout. Drivers must choose the correct lane before entering the roundabout, just like you would when approaching a traditional intersection. View the brochure Driving the Ridgeland Roundabout. Watch “How to Use a Roundabout” video.

Mississippi Department of Transportation installed new traffic lights along Highway 51 that feature a flashing yellow left turn signal. This type of left turn signal is new for the State of Mississippi. To learn more about the flashing yellow signal, read MDOT flashing-yellow-brochure.

Citizen Efforts and Ridgeland Neighbors Night Out

Citizens play an important role in public safety by alerting the authorities when there is an issue or a perceived issue or problem.  Due to the coordinated efforts of Ridgeland City Government and aware and involved citizens, residents and visitors may feel secure and enjoy a safe and peaceful environment. Residents and visitors may always call the Police Department with any questions or concerns of a non-emergency nature.

Neighborhoods come together in a crime prevention event, Ridgeland Neighbors Night Out, held on the third Thursday evening in October every year. Police officers and firefighters as well as elected officials visit participating neighborhoods, seeking to enhance communication between public safety officers and residents. If your neighborhood would like to learn more about this event, please contact the police department.

Using the Multiuse Trail Safely

The Ridgeland Multiuse Trail System is used by pedestrians, bicyclists, dog walkers, and more, all at the same time. In order to coexist safely, the City of Ridgeland asks that you follow a few simple rules. Stay to the right. Do not block the trail. Keep pets on a short leash. Pedestrians, always listen for approaching wheeled users. This may mean that you do not use ear buds or at least keep one ear open. Bicyclists, do not ride faster than a speed at which you can stop immediately. Provide a verbal alert that you are about to pass a pedestrian. More tips can be found in this Trail Runners Flyer.

Resource Guide

The City of Ridgeland Community Awareness Committee developed a Resource Guide for Ridgeland and the Tri-County Area for the health, safety and welfare of its residents in need. This booklet contains resources for individuals and families in need of services for the following areas: addiction, battered victims, elderly care and assistance, employment, family support, food pantries, hot meals, free medical services, holiday services, legal services, mental health and behavioral health, pet care, rape crisis, shelter, transportation and veteran services. Download a PDF of the Resource Guide for Ridgeland and the Tri-County Area.

Natural Gas Safety

State law requires calling 811 to have any buried utility lines located and marked before digging. Many home-improvement projects require calling 811. What if you smell gas? Leave the area immediately and tell others to leave. Click for more Natural Gas Safety information or call Atmos Energy at 1-888-286-6700. If it’s an emergency, always call 911.

Cyber Security

We all need to be aware of how to increase our safety online. The following websites and files are informative and recommended to increase your knowledge about how to protect yourself and your family from cybercrime:        Stop Think Connect flyer       Mobile Safety Information


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For after-hours water or sanitary sewer emergencies, please call 601.856.2121.