Rezone, Conditional Use, or Variance Application

The process for rezoning, conditional use permit, and variance begins with an applicant’s completion of a petition or application form. Forms may be obtained from the Community Development Department or by going to the Licenses, Forms, and Permits section of this website.

A $150 filing fee is required for all petitions upon submittal. The Community Development Department will run a legal ad in the newspaper and post a sign on the property. The applicant must notify every landowner within 160 feet of the subject property of the public hearing via certified mail.

The public hearing before the Zoning Board will take place after all of the legal advertising requirements have been met. If the Zoning board approves the application/petition, then the applicant will go before the Mayor and Board of Aldermen for final approval or denial.

In the event that the application is denied by the Zoning Board, the applicant may submit a written appeal to the City Clerk’s office. The written appeal must be submitted within three working days of the Zoning Board’s decision. The appeal will then be placed on the agenda for the Mayor and Board of Aldermen meeting.