Multiuse Trails

The City of Ridgeland provides over 17 miles of multiuse trails (pdf map) for the purposes of recreation, fitness, and alternative transportation. The main trail travels east-west across the city near the Natchez Trace Parkway. Connector trails lead off this main trail to travel along Sunnybrook Road, Pear Orchard Road, Lake Harbour Drive, Old Canton Road and Rice Road.

Trail etiquette is important for the enjoyment of the trails by all users. Littering is against the law and should be reported to the police if witnessed. Dogs must be on leashes and kept close to their human companion. If the leash is allowed to extend across the trail, it can cause an accident for others. If you use earbuds, please keep one ear open so you can hear someone approaching. Bicyclists should let walkers know when they are passing by saying, “on your left.”