Water and Sewer Information

After-Hours & Emergencies

For after-hours water and sanitary sewer emergencies, call 601.856-2121.

Water Quality

The City’s Water System is rated in the top five percent of all water systems in the State with over 1,800 systems evaluated. System evaluations are based on technical, financial and managerial criteria. Ridgeland’s water source is three deep-water supply wells in the Cockfield Aquifer and five deep-water supply wells in the Sparta Aquifer. The City of Ridgeland routinely tests for contaminants in your drinking water. The City of Ridgeland produces an annual
Water Quality Report [pdf] that reveals water quality test results and information about the City’s water quality services.

Rate Schedule

The City of Ridgeland has a long-standing policy to increase water and sewer rates by 2% every year to ensure the long-term sustainability of the systems. These systems require regular maintenance in order to provide customers with reliable and quality water and sewer services. The table below demonstrates the 2% rate increases per 1,000 gallons through 2028. See Rates and Fee Schedule here.

 Ridgeland sewer$1.88$1.92$1.96$2.00$2.04
 Jackson sewer$2.23$2.27$2.32$2.37$2.42


The water and wastewater facilities plans for the City of Ridgeland are available for public information. These resources provide system planning information and recommendations for new facilities and improvements to existing facilities including why the facilities or improvements are needed, where they will be located, and costs.

2020 Water Master Plan [pdf]2020 Wastewater Master Plan [pdf]

Leak Letters

All water meters are read electronically at least once a month. The computer system will generate a list of meters that show continuous flow for a 24-hour period. If you receive a letter, please consider a couple of questions first: 1) Do I have a malfunctioning toilet? Toilets consume a remarkable amount of water during a short period of time. Check and repair quickly.  2) Is there a leaky faucet? Please feel free to contact our office to better assist you.

Jackson Sewer Treatment Plant

In order for wastewater treatment to be more cost effective, many cities located near Jackson have an inter-local agreement with Jackson to use their sewer treatment plant. The City of Ridgeland finances the placement of sewer lines and sewer pumping stations in order to get the sewer to the treatment plant. Providing for safe disposal of sewer is a very costly service. We strive to provide high quality water and sewer services to our residents in the most economical way possible.