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Ridgeland Life-Fall 2019

Check out our most recent edition of Ridgeland Life to learn more about what is going on in the City this Fall.Ridgeland Life-Fall 2019

Things We Love about Ridgeland

Recently, Mayor McGee had lunch with Chateau Ridgeland. The residents gave him this list about what they love about Ridgeland. We hope you love these things too!

  • The feeling of being safe not only in our building, but around the community
  • Our proximity to doctors, hospitals, and shopping
  • Feeling safe while walking in different areas around  the city and seeing our Police Department on constant  patrol  and the low crime rate
  • Friendliness of the people in the community, whether it is business owners, service people, or neighbors
  • We appreciate  the promptness of our First Responders and how nice they are when they help us
  • We appreciate  the promptness of our Mayor when he makes public announcements pertaining to the state of our city
  • We love all the different shopping avenues: The Mall, Renaissance, and other shopping areas
  • We appreciate  our Library and the activities they offer  and the new book-mobile
  • We love all the city-wide family activities  such as the Pepsi Pops, concerts at C-Spire, Friendship Park, but especially the Balloon Glow since we can sit outside on our front porch and watch it and the fireworks!
  • We love having banks close by, especially those that are able to come into our building when we are unable to get out
  • We think  our city is pretty, clean, and has a wonderful ambiance and a feeling of togetherness
  • We love all the restaurants!!
  • We appreciate  all efficiency  and promptness  of our city when problem  arise, such as road closures, pot holes, and other things when needed fixing
  • We just enjoy seeing how beautiful the scenery throughout the city, with  well-kept shrubs, beautiful crepe myrtles, and flowers  that are always maintained
  • We love having Freshway Market  close by so we can go to a local farmers’  market
  • It just makes me feel like I’m At Home!

Groundbreaking News…Construction is Officially Starting on the New City Hall


On Friday, August 16, the Mayor joined with elected officials, city employees, and members of the community for the groundbreaking of the New City Hall, which will be located on Highway 51 in the center of Ridgeland.

Mayor McGee and City Officials Break Ground on the New Ridgeland City Hall.

This groundbreaking was at least ten years in the making. It all started when the Master Plan was created in 2008. The City Center, which is where the New City Hall is located

The architects rendering of the new City Hall.

will eventually house future buildings which may include other government offices, a new Library, a Civic Building, a performing arts center, and a Choctaw Agency Museum.

The New City Hall will two stories and approximately 30,000 square feet. It will have public green space as well as a Veterans Memory Park. The new energy efficient building will house the offices of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen, Finance and Administration, Community Development, Public Works, and Recreation and Parks. The new boardroom will have more capabilities than our current one and will be able to seat at least 65 citizens. We are looking forward to behind in the completed building in late 2020.


City of Ridgeland employees are looking forward to the New City Hall.

City of Ridgeland Adopts Food Truck Ordinance

Did you know that the City of Ridgeland now has a Food Truck ordinance? Here are some details.

  • All mobile food vendors shall obtain and maintain a City of Ridgeland Privilege License and a Mobile Food Vending Permit
  • All applicants must operate under an existing licensed restaurant within the City of Ridgeland for the first six (6) months of the original adoption date.
  • All Mobile Food vehicles must be approved by Architectural Review Board (ARB)
  • Must have valid insurance policy that provides minimum liability coverage of $300,000.00 per mobile food vehicle and $100,000.00 per mobile pushcart
  • Mobile Food Vending permit fees are $250.00 per vehicle or pushcart and that is valid for 90 days and may be renewed once for $25.00 for an additional 90 days.
  • Special Event Mobile Food Vending permit fees are $50.00 per vehicle or pushcart and is valid for two (2) consecutive days.
  • Mobile pushcarts and mobile food vehicles shall only conduct business in areas expressly established by this Ordinance.
  • Mobile Pushcarts and Mobile Food Vehicles must be located on private property at all times during operation
  • Mobile Food Vendor operating hours:
    • Monday – Thursday 6:00am-10:00pm
    • Friday – Saturday 6:00am – 12:00pm
    • Sunday 11:00am – 7:00pm
  • Mobile pushcarts and mobile food vehicles may not locate within 200 feet of a restaurant, residence, church, school, or daycare
  • The sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited, except for areas properly licensed to permit ”Go Cup” sales, subject to the specific regulations of the “Go Cup” Ordinance.
  • The vendor is responsible for all trash within 15 feet of the mobile pushcart or mobile food vehicle at any time the vendor is selling or offering to sell any merchandise or service.
  • Failure to abide by said ordinance shall result in the following:
    • First violation – fine not to exceed $150.00
    • Second violation within one year of any prior violation – fine not to exceed $250.00
    • Third violation within one year of the first – fine not to exceed $500.00

If you would like an application, please go here: click on the Mobile Food Vending Ordinance and Application.

City of Ridgeland Water System Gets Maximum Score

The City of Ridgeland has again earned the maximum score of 5.0/5.0 from the Mississippi State Department of Health for the city’s drinking water supply, according to an inspection report dated December 5, 2018. Ridgeland earned 5 for technical, 5 for managerial and 5 for financial inspections.

Water Systems throughout the State are graded on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best. Mississippi has over 1800 water systems that are evaluated by the Health department with only five percent reaching the maximum score of 5. Some of the areas that the Health Department looks at are capacity, bacteriological and inorganic contaminates, standard operations procedures, risk management plans, financial procedures , viability and site security to name a few.

“As always it is the goal of the City of Ridgeland to provide the very best water system,” said Mayor Gene McGee. “A great thank you goes out to those employees who work tirelessly to be sure we reach that goal.”

Public Works Director, Mike McCollum had this to say about Ridgeland’s maximum score, “The City of Ridgeland Administration and Utility Division work constantly to provide the highest quality water at a reasonable price to all of its customers. If anyone has any questions about this inspections you may contact the City of Ridgeland Public Works Department at 601-853-2027 or email: Mike McCollum at mike.mccollum@”

The City of Ridgeland seeks to provide its citizens with a superior supply of drinking water. Staff work consistently to perform technical functions, manage the water systems, and conduct financial operations in a proficient manner. A copy of the annual inspection report from the Mississippi State Department of Health may be viewed at Ridgeland City Hall, located at 304 Highway 51, Ridgeland, Mississippi.

Pay Your Water Bill By Phone

We are now offering an even more convenient way to pay your water bill. You can now pay by phone. You can also check your account balance. The phone number is 888-284-9025. You must have your account number and address ready. There is a $2.95 convenience fee and a $1.25 technology fee when you pay your bill by phone. There is no charge to check your balance and due date.

Ridgeland Releases New Water Quality Report

The City of Ridgeland produces an annual report outlining the previous year’s water quality test results. The testing includes disinfection, disinfection by-products and contaminants. Ridgeland’s water comes from seven deep-water wells. WaterQuality Ridgeland 2017

Ridgeland Fire Rating Earns Improved Classification

The City of Ridgeland has recently been advised of a new improved fire insurance classification from Fifth Class to Fourth Class. It is reflective of advances the city has taken in digital record-keeping, more inspections and education, improvements in water supply and an overall advancement in fire defenses. The new classification is effective from March 26, 2018 per a letter from the Mississippi State Rating Bureau received on April 2 by the Mayor’s office.

“We recommend that property owners in Ridgeland check with their insurance agent to determine the savings in their insurance rates,” stated Gene McGee, Mayor. “We believe that commercial property owners should definitely see a rate reduction, which means their cost of doing business should reduce.”

Ridgeland Fire Chief Matt Bailey said, “Our department is stronger in its record keeping over the last several years since we have been working with a system out of the State Fire Marshall’s office. We can track inspections, incident reporting and medical runs through the MS Fire Bridge system. It has helped to improve our digital record keeping.”

Bailey adds, “We are inspecting more often and providing more education when we conduct inspections. Our inspectors visit every commercial property annually and many are inspected biannually such as educational, childcare, and patient care facilities.”

The State Rating Bureau conducted a survey of the City of Ridgeland’s water supply and checked flows. According to Bailey, the City of Ridgeland Fire Department is consistently able to meet the 3500 gpm needed for fire protection of commercial property. This is evidence of high quality water infrastructure that is overseen by the City of Ridgeland Public Works Department.

The Bureau also checked fire department equipment, manpower and activities, conditions affecting operations, as well as local codes and their enforcement.

For any questions about the Ridgeland Fire Department and its operations, please call Central Fire Station at 601-856-8405.