The Administration division of the City’s Department of Finance & Administration is responsible for performing varied administrative functions that are required of the City Clerk’s office. As a division of a larger department which functions in many ways as a service department for the City, Administration not only provides assistance to the public, but provides significant assistance and support to other City departments as well.

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Administration oversees all aspects of the issuance and renewal of Privilege Tax Licenses and the associated revenue collections. Through the Administration division, the City Clerk keeps and maintains the official records of the City including the Municipal Code, all Ordinances, Resolutions, public meeting minutes, all records pertaining to City elections and terms of office, public hearing records, and provides public information relating to matters of City business as required by State Statute.

Privilege Licenses

Requirements for Obtaining a Privilege License

The City of Ridgeland defers to the laws of the State of Mississippi in regard to legally operating a business within the city limits. According to State Code 27-17-9, in order to lawfully operate a business, a tax shall be paid to the municipality within which the business shall operate and a license obtained for the privilege of engaging, or continuing, in business within the municipality. Business owners must apply for a privilege license, pay the associated tax, and obtain the license prior to operating a business within the City of Ridgeland.

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The amount of a privilege license tax depends upon the number of employees and the type of business. Service businesses included non-manufacturing and manufacturing types of business and retail/wholesale businesses include those operating a store for the sale of goods, wares, and merchandise.

  • For any service business having three or fewer employees, the annual tax is $20.00.
  • For any service business having more than three but fewer than eleven employees, the annual tax is $30.00
  • For a non-manufacturing business, the annual tax is $30.00 plus an additional assessment of $3.00 for each employee over ten employees. The tax will not exceed $150.00.
  • For a manufacturer having eleven or more employees, the annual tax is $80.00.
  • For a wholesale or retail business, the amount of tax depends on the value of the store’s stock. For example, if the value of the stock is $7000.00 or below, the annual privilege tax is $20.00. For your store’s exact tax amount, please contact City Hall.

For more information and to obtain a license to operate a business in the City of Ridgeland, please visit City Hall or call 601-856-7113.