The City of Ridgeland is dedicated to ensure stewardship of our environment and natural resources for our current and future generations. We believe that our strong neighborhoods, world-class schools and well-educated citizens embrace the conservation of our resources and many aspects of their environment.

Environmental Resources

Mosquito ControlInformation and City strategies to combat mosquito population

The City of Ridgeland has a comprehensive strategy to combat the mosquito population in Ridgeland during the breeding season. Our mosquito control contractor monitors the mosquito population by placing traps in certain locations throughout the City.  The Contractor will only spray certain zones where mosquitoes are found with the most effective chemical.  The contractor works to protect flying pollinator species by reducing chemical applications to a minimum as well as choosing the optimal time to spray.  The contractor will also treat water bodies to control the mosquito larvae population.

Most mosquitoes in Ridgeland breed and lay their eggs in standing water on private property. In order to protect you and your family from mosquito bites and potentially contracting West Nile Virus, you will need to do a little preventive maintenance. Emptying containers and other sources of standing water at least once a week will make a big difference in the number of mosquitoes around your home. Some of the more common mosquito breeding grounds include: gutters, low-lying areas, ornamental pools, bird baths, lawn ornaments, wheelbarrows, boats, plant pots and saucers, and tarps.

For more information about mosquito control and preventing West Nile Virus, visit the Mississippi Department of Health.

If you have a significant mosquito problem, please contact the Public Works Department to assess your situation.