Criminal Investigations

Ridgeland’s Criminal Investigations Division consists of criminal investigators, including narcotics detectives and an evidence manager. The majority of Ridgeland’s criminal investigators have been state-certified through Mississippi’s Certified Investigator Program (CIP).

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Ridgeland’s narcotics detectives are assigned to federal or state-based task forces which give them the opportunity to work with narcotics investigators from other federal, state, and local agencies. These task forces afford the department a vast number of investigative resources and training opportunities to enhance their ability to fight the war on crime.

Our CIP certified evidence manager assures that our chain of custody for all evidence is maintained at the highest level of integrity.

All of our detectives are highly motivated, experienced veterans who work hand-in-hand with the Madison County District Attorney’s Office to bring offenders to justice. Ridgeland also has investigators that specialize in Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) cases. These investigators are trained by the Attorney General’s Office Cybercrimes Division to fight crimes against the children in our community. The Criminal Investigations Division works over five hundred criminal cases on average, yearly, and enjoys a very high case clearance rate.

Anyone with information about illegal activity in Ridgeland may call the Anonymous Tip Line at 601-853-2006. Callers are encouraged to leave as much information as possible including identification or location of a criminal and/or location of criminal or suspected criminal activity. Any and all information, observations, knowledge and suspicions are encouraged and will be kept confidential. If he chooses, a caller has the option of leaving his name and phone number on the answering machine at the Anonymous Tip Line.

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If you have knowledge of any of the featured persons, please alert the Criminal Investigations Division by calling 601-853-2006.