Emergency Communications Center

The Emergency Communications Center is located within the Ridgeland Police Department. The officers of this division receive all 911 calls for the City of Ridgeland, and they dispatch units of the Police, Animal Control and Fire Department to calls for service. These communications officers must be familiar with and successfully use six different computer systems which include the radio system and telephone system. This division also handles all after-hours calls for all other divisions in the Police Department. Communications Officers are also responsible for monitoring the weather and sounding the Civil Defense Sirens in the event of a tornado warning.

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Communications Officers are civilian employees of the Police Department, and they are governed by the State Board of Telecommunications Standards and Training. This requires that the any person in the position of Communications Officer successfully complete a 40-hour board-approved Basic Telecommunicator Course. Communications Officers must document 48 hours of continuing education covering at least six separate subjects every 36 months.

Business Contact Form

If you own a business in Ridgeland, please complete a Business Emergency Contact Form. This information will help us to provide better police protection in case of an emergency.

911 Communications

Please remember that 911 is for EMERGENCY calls only, use 601-856-2121 for all other calls. If you have an emergency incident:

  • Remain calm and be prepared to give the exact address of the incident. If no address is available, use the nearest landmark or street intersection.
  • Make sure that you are safe. If you are in danger, move to a safe place as soon as you can.
  • Be prepared to give descriptions of any suspects or vehicles involved in the incident.
  • Stay on the line until you are released by the Communications Officer. You are their eyes and ears for the incident.
  • Listen to the Communications Officer; they are trained to ask questions in the most important order and to gather all information needed for proper response to the incident.